Clean Juice Bar

A fresh Juice and Smoothie bar offering a clean approach to on-the-go food. Stop in and see what they are about! Your body will love you for it.

Certified Organic

Not just some of the time. Not when they can. All of the time.

You enter a juice bar with the purpose of being healthy, right? What if they told you most of the common ingredients (Berries, Leafy Greens, Cucumbers, Celery, and Coffee) found at many juice bars are on the list as some of the most highly contaminated foods on the planet? Clean Juice believes in organic. They believe it is the most efficient way to reduce exposure to chemicals and pesticides, avoid GMOs, and benefit from a higher nutrient content.  It also can help to protect our water and soil and preserve our ecosystems. Clean Juice makes it easy to choose organic and get a truly healthy product. Stop by today and see what a difference organic makes!

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